Gluten Free Menu

If you are gluten intolerant, please let us know at beginning. Many Japanese dishes are gluten free, and also we can alternate ingredients or change the cooking method for some dishes listed here. If you are ordering sushi, ask for gluten free soy sauce.


Green Salad                                     $3.50
Make sure to ask for gluten free dressing.
Edamame                                           $4.50
Miso Soup                                         $3.50
Grilled Mackerel                           $7.50
Please ask to eliminate flour coating before grilling.
Agedashi Tofu                                 $5.50
Deep fried bean curd in savory sauce. Skip the sauce and ask for salt or gluten free soy sauce.
Tuna Avocado Appetizer          $9.50
Diced raw tuna on avocado boat. Dressed with wasabi soy sauce. Skip wasabi soy sauce, and ask for gluten free soy sauce and wasabi.
Kani Avocado salad                     $7.50
Minced crab stick, diced avocado, and cucumber tossed with spicy mayonnaise. Topped with smelt roe.
Salmon Skin Salad                      $8.50
Chopped broiled salmon skin, cucumber, radish sprout, scallion dressed with ponzu sauce. Topped with salmon roe. Skip ponzu sauce and taste with gluten free soy sauce

Special Rolls

Marilyn Mon-Roll                        $14.95
Imitation crab and avocado roll topped with sliced scallop, smelt roe, scallion, and chef's special sauce. Skip sweet eel sauce on top.
Sakura Roll                                     $13.50
California roll topped with sliced salmon, smelt roe, and scallion.
Rainbow Roll                                 $14.95
California roll topped with assorted raw fish, avocado, smelt roe, and scallion.
Red Rose Roll                                $13.50
California Roll topped with sliced tuna, smelt roe, and scallion


Comes with choice of miso soup, or green salad, or seaweed salad

Sushi Regular                              $24.95
7 pieces assorted nigiri, and 1 California Roll
Sushi Deluxe                               $29.95
9 pieces assorted nigiri, and 1 tuna Roll
Sashimi Regular                        $26.95
12 pieces of sliced assorted raw fish. Comes with rice
Sushi Sashimi Combo            $36.95
4 pieces of assorted nigiri, 12 pieces of assorted sashimi, and 1 spicy tuna hand roll. This is one person portion.
Sashimi Deluxe                           $31.95
18 pieces of sliced assorted raw fish and seafood. Comes with rice.
Chirashi                                           $31.95
Sliced assorted raw fish and seafood on a bed of sushi rice.


Extras:  wasabi, ginger, spicy sauce, eel sauce, ponzu sauce, crunch, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, soy paper, switching to brown rice - $0.50, smelt roe - $1.00

Additional charge will be applied to change seaweed outside rolls to inside out rolls since the amount of filling will be increased.

California Roll                                $4.50
Imitation crab, avocado
Salmon Avocado Roll                 $5.50
Negitoro Roll                                 $10.00
Fatty tuna and scallion
Salmon Skin Roll                          $6.50
Broiled crispy salmon skin, cucumber, bonkio flake, smelt roe, Japanese mint lead, radish sprout
Salmon Roll                                      $5.00
Spicy Tuna Roll                              $6.00
Tuna, avocado, smelt roe, scallion, and spicy sauce.
Tekka (Tuna) Roll                          $5.00
Tuna Avocado Roll                       $5.50
Spicy Salmon Roll                        $6.00
Salmon, avocado, and spicy sauce.
Philadelphia Roll                          $6.50
Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Spicy Yellowtail Roll                   $6.00
Yellowtail, avocado, and spicy sauce
Yellowtail Avocado Roll            $5.50
Yellowtail Scallion Roll            $5.00

Vegatable Rolls

Avocado Roll                                    $4.00
Avocado Cucumber Roll           $4.25
Cucumber Roll                               $3.50
Umeshiso Roll                                $4.00
Japanese pickled plum, cucumber, and Japanese mint leaf
Oshinko Roll                                     $4.00
Japanese yellow pickles
Sun-dried Tomato  Cream Cheese Roll                             $5.00
Sun-dried Tomato Avocado  Roll                                                                       $5.00

Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte

One piece per order. Traditionally we make almost all sushi with wasabi in already. If you don't like wasabi, please let us know in advance

Botan Shrimp                                   $7.50
Large raw prawn, served with edible fried shrimp head.
Scottish Salmon                            $3.50
King Salmon                                    $4.00
Smelt Roe                                          $3.25
Tiny orange fish eggs
Toro (Fatty Tuna)     Seasonal Price
Organic Egg Omelet                    $3.00
Imitation Crab                                $2.00
Mackerel                                            $3.50
Salmon Roe                                      $4.00
Sea Urchin (Uni)       Seasonal Price
Squid                                                    $3.25
Tuna                                                      $4.00
Yellowtail                                           $3.50
Fluke                                                     $3.00
Octopus                                              $3.50
Boiled octopus
Scallop                                                $3.50
Shrimp                                                 $3.25
Boiled Shrimp
Spanish Mackerel                        $3.25


Served with miso soup and rice

Please make sure to request gluten free cooking method

Salmon Teriyaki                          $21.95
Sushi quality salmon
Chicken Teriyaki                         $14.95
Tofu Teriyaki                                  $12.95

Noodle Soup

Gluten free rice noodle - extra $1.00

Gluten free vegetable broth - extra $1.00

Vegetable Udon/Soba           $12.95
Instead of Udon or Soba, please request gluten free rice noodle with $1.00 extra. Also request gluten free vegetarian broth with $1.00 extra.
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